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Issue 90 • May 2021

Welcome to yet another fascinating edition of Future Rail. With summer, and a welcome end to Covid-19 restrictions, just around the corner, now has never been a better time to look towards the future.

Cybersecurity is big business, as companies strive to protect themselves and their customers from increasingly intricate digital threats. We explore how European rail companies are embracing change and working with tech experts to present a solid defence to any potential cyberthreats.

The digital age is finally coming for train passengers, with companies such as Whoosh leading the onboard entertainment revolution. We explore how bespoke rail connectivity is being driven by a select few companies, who are set to unlock whole new chapters in train entertainment, thanks to new multimedia screen and QR tech.

Elsewhere in this action-packed issue, we speak to a rail graduate about his typical day, and also analyse in depth the massive railway construction projects being undertaken in Egypt to modernise their rapidly aging transit network.

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Ben Cusack, editor